January 31, 2024

How to Create a Poll on Facebook Meta Business Suite

Creating a Facebook Poll is an excellent way to get immediate feedback from your audience. This feedback can help you create more engaging content and can increase your audience engagement metrics. There are a few things to keep in mind when creating a Facebook Poll. It is important to keep the questions short and simple. This will ensure that your audience can understand the question and provide a response. It is also important to create multiple choice answers so that your audience can select the answer that best fits them.

The first step in creating a Facebook Poll is to go to your Business page and click “Create Post.” In the Create Post pop-up, choose Polls from the options that appear.

After choosing Polls, you will see several different types of posts that you can create. Once you have selected Polls, you will be able to add the question and answer choices that your audience will vote on. You will also be able to choose how long you want your poll to run for.

Once you have finished creating your poll, you can share it to your business page or group. You can also add your poll to your story by tapping on the sticker icon and selecting “Poll.” Your poll will be available in your story for 24 hours and will then disappear.

You can also change the settings for your poll by clicking on the menu that is at the top right of your poll. You will be able to change the title for your poll, change the color of your results bar, and adjust the graph style.

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