January 30, 2024

How To Create A Poll In A Facebook Group

Facebook offers different types of polls to help businesses gain more insights into their followers’ views and opinions. Facebook polls can be created in a business’s Page, in a video post, on a Facebook story, or in a facebook group. They are an effective tool for businesses to use in order to grow their audience and boost engagement levels on their Facebook posts.

How To Create A Poll In A facebook Group

When you are logged in to your Facebook account, go to the group that you want to add a poll in. Click on the “Write Something” button in the group to begin creating a new post. A pop-up window will appear. From the list of options that you can choose from, select “Poll”.

In the text box provided, type the question that you want to ask your audience. Then, for option 1 and option 2, enter the answers that your audience can choose from in the text boxes provided. Finally, select the length of time that you wish your Poll to last for (default is 1 week).

When you are satisfied with your Poll, tap on “Promote” to share it with your audience. Facebook will then send your audience a link to the Poll where they can vote and view the results. You can also create Polls on your phone in the groups that you are a member of by tapping the ellipsis icon and selecting the Poll option.

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