January 30, 2024

How to Check If You're Being Shadowbanned on Tiktok

There is no official Tiktok shadowban checker or tiktok shadowban test available, but there are several ways to determine whether you're being targeted for posting content that violates their community guidelines. One of the most obvious signs is a sudden and significant drop in views, likes, and shares on your videos. While fluctuations are normal, a significant drop is a clear indicator that something is wrong. Another way to check if you're being shadowbanned is to look at your analytics and see which sources of traffic are sending you the most views. If your videos are no longer showing up on the "For You" page for followers, it's likely that Tiktok is preventing them from being discovered by a large audience.

You may also notice that you're no longer appearing in searches for certain hashtags. Ask friends to search for your content with specific hashtags, and if they aren't finding your videos, it could be an indication that you're being shadowbanned. Lastly, if you have been growing steadily and suddenly stop gaining new followers, it's likely that you're being shadowbanned by Tiktok.

The best way to avoid getting shadowbanned on tiktok is to create high-quality content and engage with the community authentically. Be sure to get proper permissions for music and content, and respect copyright rules. Posting videos that are relevant to your audience and using a video editor that offers eye-catching transitions and effects is important as well. If you want to increase the reach of your videos, consider upgrading to a pro account for better analytics and increased uploading capabilities.

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