February 23, 2024

How to Change Your FYP on Tik Tok

Tik tok is a popular app that allows users to create short videos up to 60 seconds in a variety of formats. From re-creating dance challenges and memes to showcasing their acting skills, the app offers users a fun and creative way to connect with friends and followers. But, the social media platform has garnered controversy due to its ownership by Chinese company ByteDance and its potential access to user data – a major privacy concern in many countries.

For this reason, Tik Tok is introducing new features to help users regain control of their FYP and keep the algorithm relevant to their interests. One of these features is a reset feature that lets users retrain the app’s algorithms about what they actually enjoy watching.

The other is a feature that allows users to block videos, creators, and sounds that don’t align with their preferences so that the algorithm can learn to avoid showing them on the FYP. Finally, Tik Tok is also letting users delete their cache on the app to remove any videos that have been seen and used to shape the algorithm.

Although it’s not a permanent solution, it’s a good idea to clear your cache every few months to ensure that you aren’t seeing the same content over and over again. Clearing the cache will remove “trivial data from the app,” Hootsuite notes, and it will allow the algorithm to start over with fresh content that you actually want to see.

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