January 31, 2024

How to Change Your For You Page on TikTok

When you first create an account on TikTok, the app will prompt you to select your interests to help tailor the content that you see. After that, your actions on the platform are what will ultimately shape your FYP (Feed Your Page). For example, watching and liking videos can help inform your feed; if you stay engaged with one for a long period of time, that will let TikTok know that you like it. The same goes for commenting, as your comments will influence the kinds of videos you'll see in the future.

All of these factors come together to shape your feed, which is how TikTok aims to provide users with a personalized experience that is truly for them. But sometimes your FYP can feel a bit stale and you may want to change it up. Or maybe you've changed interests and need to reset your preferences.

In the past, resetting your feed meant starting fresh with new recommendations. But now the app is rolling out a feature that will allow you to refresh your For You Page without having to completely start over.

When you refresh your For You Page, TikTok will take another look at your past behavior to try and understand what types of videos you enjoy most. For example, if you're constantly staying on videos of people wearing makeup or doing beauty tutorials, the algorithm will get a better understanding of that you're interested in these topics. It will then adjust your feed to show you more content in that vein.

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