January 30, 2024

How to Block Bots on Facebook

Facebook bots are all the rage these days – thanks to Cambridge Analytica and the way bad actors can use social media to influence current affairs, public opinion and political events. But did you know that you can easily block a particular page or account from your chat messages?

This is especially helpful if you are constantly annoyed by bots who spam your personal chat box with sponsored messages. To block a bot, simply go to your chat with the page and press and hold for 1-2 seconds to disable notifications. The bot will still be able to message you but your phone will not ring and you won’t get spammed with ads or promotional material.

When you are logged in as a business, the best way to ban a bot is to click on the “Block sponsored messages” option in your chat settings. This will prevent the Page or Profile from being able to automatically spam your posts with Likes or comments. It is not foolproof – a spammy troll could resurface at any time and flood your messages with Likes, but it will stop the spam.

You can also try unsubscribing if you want to stay in contact with the Page or profile, but just don’t want their updates. You can do this by sending a message of “Stop” or “Unsubscribe” to the Page, and they will send you a notification that they have stopped pinging you with updates.

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