February 23, 2024

How to Approve Likely Spam Comments on Youtube

YouTube has a number of tools for helping to filter out spam comments on your videos. These tools include comment moderation and an automated filter that holds potentially inappropriate comments for review. YouTube also allows creators to create a blacklist of words that are commonly used in spam comments. This helps the automatic filter catch these types of comments sooner. To access this feature, log in to your youtube account and click on the community tab.

Spam comments on youtube are a major problem for many YouTube creators. Many large YouTubers like Linus Tech Tips, Jacksepticeye and MKBHD have complained that they receive spam comments that impersonate them, promise viewers something good for messaging them or direct viewers off YouTube in some way. These types of spam messages are often targeted at high-profile creators in order to take advantage of them and their audiences.

To reduce spam on youtube, fostering positive engagement with your viewers is critical. Encourage your audience to engage in constructive discussions by asking for feedback or opinions. This helps to prevent spammers from taking advantage of you and your viewers.

Another strategy is to have a moderator on hand to approve likely spam comments on youtube. This helps to prevent bots from hijacking your video’s comments and generating spam on your channel.

Finally, it is important to stay updated on youtube’s policies and guidelines for spammers. YouTube often releases new information and resources to help creators tackle spam.

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