February 22, 2024

How to Advertise on Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts offers a variety of tools and features that help podcasters grow their audience, learn about their listeners, and pitch to our editorial team for featured placement. However, some podcasters struggle to find a way to measure their audience and success in a meaningful way, making it difficult to evaluate their potential for growth or to connect with sponsors or advertisers.

In addition to standard native ads that appear as pre-roll or mid-roll within a podcast episode, some brands pay the podcast host to create sponsored content. This type of content often feels less like an advertisement and more like a recommendation from the host.

Sponsored content can also be created in the form of mini-series or standalone podcasts that focus on a specific topic or event. For example, Gizmodo and Onion Labs created a series called "The Sauce" in 2018 that investigated why people rioted after McDonald's removed Szechuan sauce from its menu. This type of sponsorship gives the brand a chance to reach a new audience while still keeping the host and listener immersed in the podcast's storytelling.

Podcasters can also monetize their shows through subscriptions and donations. Subscriptions provide a stable source of recurring revenue for podcasters that can offset the costs of creating and promoting their shows. When promoting subscriptions, it is important to communicate clearly what listeners will get when they subscribe to the show, such as exclusive episodes or the ability to listen ad-free.

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