February 22, 2024

How to Advertise Etsy on Pinterest

How to advertise etsy on pinterest

Etsy is an online marketplace that features handmade toys, jewelry, vintage furniture, art, and home goods created by independent sellers. It’s a community of artisans who are passionate about their work and share a similar audience with Pinterest users, which include many creative and curious shoppers.

As a result, Etsy ads are often very successful at reaching a targeted audience that will be interested in your products. As an added bonus, you can choose to have your brand name shown in your Pin photo, which will help increase visibility and remind potential customers where to find your shop.

To get started, create a business account on Pinterest. Once you’ve done this, make sure that your profile is fully complete. This means including your business name, a link to your website, and a description of your product and/or service.

Next, you’ll want to start creating boards. These are a place to organize and collect all of your Pins. When naming your boards, try to use keywords that will help them appear in searches on Pinterest. Finally, don’t forget to divide your boards into sections. For example, if you’re selling fashion clothing, then you may want to separate your Pins into sections like Dresses, Hoodies, and Trousers.

You can also promote your Etsy content with Promoted Pins, Promoted Carousels, and Promoted Videos. With these ad formats, you can set an objective for your campaign that will tell you where to send traffic, whether it’s to your shop, site, or mobile app. You can even add a call to action on your Pins to encourage people to take the next step and make a purchase.

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