January 30, 2024

How to Add UTM Parameters to Google Ads

UTM parameters are a way of tracking the source, medium, campaign, and term (search keyword) of traffic to your site. They are used in Google Analytics to help marketers measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions. While manually creating trackable links can be time consuming, Google Ads has made it easier than ever to add UTM parameters in bulk by using the Google Ads Editor application.

To get started with Google Ads Editor, sign in to your Google Account and then download the free Ads Editor application. Once the application is installed, select the “Make multiple changes” option from the left-hand navigation menu. This will allow you to download all of your campaigns from Google Ads to your computer for editing.

When making bulk changes, be sure to test your ads and URLs before launching them. This is especially important when changing UTM parameters on the campaign level. Once the parameters are activated, they will be active for all ads within that particular campaign, so it’s best to test them out to ensure everything is working properly.

Also, keep in mind that Google Analytics uses lowercase letters so it’s important to use consistent nomenclature when adding UTM parameters to your campaign URLs. This will ensure that your campaign names are matched correctly in both analytics and Google Ads. It’s also a good idea to use underscores instead of spaces as this will keep your tracking more accurate.

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