February 23, 2024

How to Add Snap From Picture to Your Snapchat Feed

The Snapchat app has a feature that allows you to upload pictures from your device’s camera roll as if they were snapped directly with Snapchat. Adding an uploaded photo to your Snapchat feed as a new snap is easy, and you can also use the app’s tools to add text, emoji, drawings or filters.

You can upload any picture you have saved on your smartphone to Snapchat by opening the app and tapping the Memories icon (the overlapping photos) next to the Camera button. You can then select any of the saved photos or videos from there, and use the menu in the upper-right corner represented by three dots to make optional edits. This includes adding text, emoji, drawings or one of the tinted filters. However, you can’t apply any Bitmoji or animations to uploaded images since they were not snapped within the Snapchat app.

When you are done, the added image will be sent to your friends’ Memories or as a snap to them or posted on your Stories. You can also scan a friend’s Snapcode directly by pointing their profile in your camera screen or the small double image icon displayed on the Camera button. This will alert the person that you have added them to your list of Snapchat followers.

You can also share a screenshot of your Snapchat profile with friends by pressing the power and Home buttons at the same time on an iPhone or the power and volume buttons on Android devices. This will create a copy of your profile that contains your Snapcode and a link to add you as a friend.

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