January 30, 2024

How to Add Keywords on eBay

How to add keywords on ebay

Keywords are the building blocks of product search on eBay. They connect buyers and sellers by making it easier to find the items you’re selling. Keywords are made up of words that describe an item and the features it has. For example, if you’re listing a striped polyester blue and white pillowcase, the key words are the material, design, color, size (kingsize). When choosing keywords for your products, use an online tool like ZIK Analytics to help identify the right ones that will drive sales.

You can add keywords to your listing by entering them in the fields provided on the edit page of each listing. However, using too many of the same word in any field could hurt your listing’s visibility. This is called keyword stuffing and it’s against eBay rules.

The best place to include your keywords is in the listing title and description. Make sure your key words are in the first 5% to 7% of each field. Also, use them naturally and avoid repetition. If you’re unsure of which keywords to use, do a Google search and look at the results. These keywords are most likely to attract buyers and improve your listing’s SEO.

Don’t use attention-grabbing words in your titles like “wow,” “must see” or “super cool”. These phrases do nothing to optimize the title and they can actually irritate buyers who are looking for specific items. Also, don’t hide text behind images or bolding – this is considered spamming and can result in your listing being removed from eBay.

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