January 29, 2024

How Recruiters Can Use LinkedIn Talent Insights to Improve Their Processes

If you’re a talent acquisition professional, you know how vital it is to have access to a large pool of data and insights. However, it isn’t enough to simply have the data and insight at your fingertips – you need to know how to use it for your advantage.

Recruiters can use LinkedIn Talent Insights in various ways to improve their processes and make better decisions about where to invest resources, such as:

1. Discovering new talent pools based on location data.

Talent Insights provides recruiters with a wide range of unique data points to help them narrow down their search for candidates, such as education, skillset, industry, company size, and more. The data can be used to identify the locations where the highest concentration of candidates are located, as well as to uncover feeder companies that may be a good source of talent. This information can then be used to create targeted sourcing strategies and outreach efforts.

2. Getting buy-in from stakeholders on realistic talent strategies.

LinkedIn Talent Insights enables recruiters to make the case for changes to hiring practices by backing up claims with real-time data. This can be useful in helping to persuade hiring managers to reduce their selection criteria or prioritize specific skill sets, as well as obtaining management buy-in for alternative sourcing strategies such as remote hires and expanding into new locations.

3. Increasing diversity representation with a data-driven approach.

LinkedIn Talent Insights identifies the diversity of the talent pool from which recruiters are currently sourcing, allowing them to set meaningful, incremental diversity targets aligned with current labour supply realities. Insights also reveal potential new candidate pools by identifying locations, skills and roles that are viable for inclusive sourcing.

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