January 30, 2024

How Much Does it Cost to Sponsor a Podcast?

Depending on the podcast, the number of listeners, and the size of their audience, there are many different ways to charge for podcast sponsorship. While the industry standard is CPM, or cost per thousand impressions/plays (similar to how TV ads are priced), there are a few other factors to consider.

The first factor is the podcast’s audience demographics. Podcasts that target a specific niche audience tend to attract higher prices than those that target a general, broad audience (e.g. a bodybuilding podcast will have a broader audience than one that focuses on luxury watch collecting).

Podcasts with a more niche audience can often charge more for an advertisement, especially if it’s hosted by a high-profile host with a loyal following. This is because the host’s credibility and trustworthiness can help to sell the product or service more effectively.

Other considerations include ad placement and length. For example, a pre-roll ad — which plays at the beginning of an episode — typically costs more than mid or post roll advertisements. Also, shorter podcasts can only fit a few ads in each episode, so they will have to charge more for the opportunity than a longer podcast would.

Lastly, some podcasts use a flat fee podcast sponsorship pricing model. This is useful for shows that have a smaller audience and can’t afford the cost of an ad spot in the industry standards (i.e. $15 CPM). The flat fee podcast sponsorship approach can also work well for brands that are looking to be more hands-on with their audience, as the content creator will likely take time to get to know the sponsor brand and its products or services.

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