January 29, 2024

How Much Does Google Guarantee Cost for Home Services Businesses?

If you want to join the list of Google Guaranteed businesses, it'll cost you $50 per month or $600 a year (plus leads). You'll also need to pay for advertising through Local Service Ads (LSAs), which target local customers searching for your services.

To qualify for the program, you must pass a rigorous screening and verification process that involves business insurance coverage, a professional license, online reviews, and a background check. You must agree to adhere to specific guidelines and be prepared for any claims against you, including reimbursing buyers up to $2000 if they're dissatisfied with the work.

Despite the high standards, Google Guaranteed isn't an option for every business. For example, if you provide services that require a high level of skill, the program could limit your business. Additionally, if you don't meet high customer satisfaction rates, you can lose your badge.

However, if you're a home services business and can meet the requirements, it's worth considering. The program's green checkmark is a powerful trust signal that can help you stand out among competitors. It's also a great way to build initial trust with potential customers and get them on your side. Plus, the $50 monthly costs will probably fall within your marketing budget and wouldn't cause issues with other campaigns you're supporting. To learn more, read this article: 5 Google Ads Tips for Maximum ROI.

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