February 23, 2024

How Much Do Sponsors Pay Podcasts?

Podcast sponsorships can be a great way to monetize your show, but you need to make sure that the value you bring to sponsors is worth the price. You can seek out sponsorships through a podcast network, directly from brands or affiliate marketplaces like Podcorn. You can also earn from sponsorships by offering a flat fee and/or hosting ads for other brands.

Podcasting industry standards often revolve around CPM (cost per mille) which is based on the number of listeners you reach with a single ad. While CPM can be a good starting point for your pricing model, it's important to look at the value of the audience you have in a more holistic way and to consider factors like the size, engagement levels, niche relevance and overall quality of your content.

The other main pricing models you need to understand are flat rate, ad marketplaces and affiliate programs. Flat rate pricing is a great option for podcasters who prefer taking a custom boutique approach and who don't want to be restricted by industry pricing standards. Ad marketplaces offer a great opportunity for new shows to connect with brands looking to run podcast ads in exchange for a commission on sales they drive.

However, these marketplaces may not be a great fit for your content and can dilute your brand. You also need to be able to support these types of ad deals with strong sales data and proof of your audience's interest in the product or service you are recommending.

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