January 30, 2024

How Much Data Does One Uber Ride Use?

If you’re an Uber driver or are considering getting in on the action, then you need to know how much data the Uber app uses. In the age of promises of unlimited data, you might not think that using a ridesharing/delivery app would be a big deal, but it’s important to understand how much data these apps use and how you can reduce the impact on your mobile data plan.

Besides location data, the Uber app also collects transaction information such as services requested and completed, payment amounts, merchant information and delivery data. It also collects information about your device such as unique identifiers, operating system and software application information, as well as mobile network service provider details. There are steps you can take to opt out of this, but this will likely limit the functionality of your Uber app. See the Marketing Choices section of the Uber privacy policy for more information.

In a nutshell, Uber’s data collection systems are constantly scanning the world for drivers and passengers. They then match up the two and use data about your travel patterns to improve their algorithms. The more data they have, the better their ability to anticipate demand, allocate resources and avoid surging prices.

To achieve this, a huge number of data scientists and engineers had to be recruited by the company. Moreover, Uber had to invest heavily in computing power and internet bandwidth.

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