January 31, 2024

How Much Data Do I Need For the Uber App?

The Uber app does not consume much data. However, other apps on your device might, such as maps and music streaming. It is therefore advisable to limit these app’s usage by connecting to Wi-Fi whenever possible. Alternatively, you could consider buying an unlimited data plan that you use exclusively for Uber and other rideshare/delivery services.

In our recent article on how much data do i need for the uber app, we reported that drivers using a Uber/Lyft driver app with other delivery apps (such as GPS and Pandora) are unlikely to use more than 3 GB per month when working a forty or fifty-hour week. This was roughly the same amount that drivers told us they used two years ago.

However, it’s important to remember that Uber does collect transaction data. This includes things like the type of service requested, the transaction amount, and merchant information. Additionally, Uber uses cookies, tags, and other tracking technologies to build a file on your use of the platform. This includes but is not limited to the unique identifiers of your devices, software application and operating system information, device location and other information about your mobile network service provider.

To reduce the impact on your data packet, you can switch to the ‘Low Data Mode’ function in the app settings. This will restrict your phone’s background activity, which is especially helpful if you are using a older model or have a smaller data package. You can also try to download the UBER Lite version of the app, which is available on Android devices. This will save on data while still providing an exceptional UBER experience for your riders!

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