January 29, 2024

How Many Yelp Reviews to Be Elite?

Getting to be elite on yelp isn’t about how many reviews you write. It’s about writing high-quality, detailed reviews that make a real impact on the Yelp community and local businesses. Elite members write reviews based on their passion for food and travel, and often share photos, videos and detailed information about their experiences. They also have a strong sense of civic duty to share their opinions about the best places in their cities. They are rewarded with a special badge on their Yelp profiles and exclusive events that allow them to share their city pride and celebrate unique local experiences—from cocktails on boats to playdates with penguins.

It’s a little like being an influencer on Instagram or TikTok, but with a higher stake in the local economy. In addition to the perks that come with the Elite badge, Elites are trusted by their peers as experts who write unbiased and reliable reviews that can have a significant impact on businesses.

As with any social media platform, the potential for abuse exists, and Yelp has warned people to stay vigilant. Motherboard’s Sarah Dean spotted an apparent Elite member, thecalifornia2021, selling reviews on Facebook Groups with names such as “Yelp Reviews Exchange -East Coast USA” and “Yelp Review Exchange”.

Elite membership is earned by nominating yourself or a friend on Yelp’s website and explaining to the Elite Council why you deserve the badge. Then you must post a substantial number of positive and critical reviews, maintain a detailed personal profile with plenty of high-quality photos, demonstrate a history of engagement with the community and local businesses and be over the legal drinking age.

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