January 30, 2024

How Many Views is Good For a LinkedIn Post?

The number of views is one metric that LinkedIn provides for your posts, articles and newsletters. It is important to note that this metric only shows how many times your content has been loaded into another user’s feed. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they read the entire post, like it or shared it.

Views only count when a LinkedIn user actively selects to see your content. This can be done by opening the post or clicking on it. Views are important because they indicate that your content is interesting and relevant to LinkedIn users. They also signal to LinkedIn that your content is worth showing to more and more people.

Posts, articles and video content all have different view counts. Posts are viewed when someone clicks on the post and allows it to load. Video views are a little more complicated because LinkedIn only counts a view when the video is played for at least three seconds. This means that a quick thumb-scroll past your video won’t count as a view. However, if the viewer actually pauses the video and gives it some attention, that will count as a view.

The best way to get more views is by consistently sharing valuable and relevant content, engaging with your audience, using relevant hashtags and building a network of connections that are interested in your content. You should also ensure that your headlines are short and concise as LinkedIn may truncate your headlines when they show up in other users’ newsfeeds.

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