February 22, 2024

How Many Facebook Ads Should I Run at Once?

A common challenge facing business owners and marketers today is declining Facebook ad results and skyrocketing advertising costs. In many cases, these challenges stem from outdated Facebook ad advice that hasn’t kept pace with changes to the platform.

Determining the optimal number of ads to run at once is a process of trial and error. Changing various elements such as copy, visuals, and targeting can help you discover what works and what doesn’t. You can also try different budget types to find the best fit for your business goals.

For example, if you discover an ad that performs well in one of your targeted audiences, such as Lookalikes, Interest groups, retargeting, or fans, it makes sense to duplicate it for other similar audiences. This will allow you to reach more people with the same high-performing ad and potentially increase your ad performance even further.

Another important factor to consider when determining how many Facebook ads to run is the amount of time you’re willing to let them run. It’s recommended to let ads run for at least 2 weeks to give them enough data to make sure they are achieving their desired conversion objectives. Running them for less time limits the learning you can take from the ad and could ultimately result in a wasted campaign.

When you create an ad campaign, you can choose to set a daily or lifetime budget. A daily budget lets you specify a maximum spend per day and Facebook will use this to determine when to show your ad and for how long. Lifetime budgets are ideal for pre-determined campaigns and let you set a target spending amount, which Facebook will use to optimize the best times to show your ad based on ad performance.

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