January 31, 2024

How Long Is 1200 Words?

When writing articles and essays for school, college, and professional purposes, you will often have to meet certain word count requirements. This is because many professors or teachers will ask you to write within a specified page limit in order to ensure that the content is precise and to the point. This article will discuss how long is 1200 words and provide helpful tips on how to stay within your page limitations when writing an essay or article.

Typically, you can expect a 1280-word piece to take up about 2 2/5 pages when single spaced and 4 4/5 pages when double spaced with normal 1-inch margins, Times New Roman or Arial font type, and 12-point font size. However, these figures will vary based on the formatting style that you use and other factors like whether you choose to indent paragraphs or not.

Additionally, if you are using images and videos in your article or essay, you should be aware that these will also affect the end page count. This is because they usually take up more space than text would, so your end pages will increase accordingly. Similarly, if you are using a bulleted or numerical list, you should be aware that these will also add to your final page count as they take up more space than regular paragraphs.

Lastly, you should be aware that the speed at which you write will also impact your overall page count as some people may be faster writers than others. Consequently, it is important to practice writing an essay or article before the actual deadline so that you can be confident that you will be able to meet your deadline.

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