January 29, 2024

How Long Does it Take to Claim a Google Knowledge Panel?

If you’re a celebrity, public figure or brand with enough clout and authority, Google may decide to display a knowledge panel for you. These panels dominate the right rail of the search results page and can dramatically boost your visibility. The first step to a branded knowledge panel is to make sure your business has a strong digital footprint, including a website, social media profiles and links from authoritative websites.

Next, you’ll want to create an About page that clearly explains who you are and what your business does. This should also serve as the “entity home” where you’ll add structured data that helps search engines identify you or your brand as a distinct entity. You’ll then want to build backlinks from reputable sources, especially those with a high domain rating (DR) of 40+. These links will help establish trust and signal to search engines that you’re a trustworthy, well-established source of information.

Once you’re a verified representative of an existing Google knowledge panel, the process of getting it updated is fairly straightforward. You’ll be able to suggest edits and send updated information directly to Google for consideration, though you cannot control what content appears in the knowledge panel itself.

However, be careful not to abuse the system by spamming the knowledge panel with irrelevant information or by violating other guidelines like those on how to optimize a Google Knowledge Panel. If Google suspects you’re attempting to manipulate the system, it can deactivate or delete your knowledge panel altogether.

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