January 29, 2024

How Long Does a Twitter Shadowban Last?

Twitter’s algorithm aims to serve users with relevant content, which means that tweets that violate its rules will be hidden from view. It takes into account many factors when making this decision, including if the tweet is spammy or contains hateful or violent language. Twitter also has a way to limit an account’s visibility by putting them in a shadow ban. However, how long does a twitter shadowban last can vary depending on the severity of the violation and how long it has been in effect.

If you find that your engagement is significantly dropping without any change in your strategy or content, you may be facing a Twitter shadowban. To verify this, you can use the free tool Twitter Analytics to see a 28 day summary of your engagement metrics. Check the view count for your most recent posts and compare them to previous months. If the drop is sudden and significant, you may have triggered a Twitter shadowban.

Another way to determine if you’ve triggered a shadowban is by using a third-party service that will scan your Twitter profile for any invisible or search suggestion bans. The service will go through your replies and tweets to see if you are being downranked or invisible, and will give you a report of the results.

A few simple steps can help you avoid triggering a Twitter shadowban, especially one that can take days to get lifted. To avoid a shadowban, don’t post spammy or promotional content excessively or try to manipulate your stats by creating multiple accounts. Additionally, don’t use troll tactics or get into online confrontations.

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