February 22, 2024

How Long Does a Shadowban Last?

A shadowban is when you're muted on a social media platform or forum without any official notification. You'll notice a drop in your engagement, and your posts or comments may become hidden or obscured. This isn't to be confused with a block, which is when the account becomes completely inaccessible.

Many digital forums deny they're "shadowbanning" users, but even Twitter has gotten in trouble for it with the Elon Musk trove of internal files. The company has denied explicitly putting users on a shadowban, but it has admitted to downgrading tweets if they violate community guidelines on subjects like graphic violence, nudity, drugs, hate speech, copyrighted music or footage from outside the app, and misinformation (a.k.a fake news).

So how long does a shadowban last? It depends on what caused it, but most accounts are only shadowbanned for 2-3 days. Typically, this happens when you use hashtags that violate the terms of service. You can usually avoid this by avoiding any tags associated with harmful behaviors, violence, threats, hate speech, or inappropriate content.

A shadowban will also occur if you get three copyright strikes or three community guidelines strikes. If you get a third strike, your videos will be deleted and you won't be allowed to create new ones. If you're unsure why you got a strike, check your analytics to see how your engagement has dropped and review your recent posts. If you find the culprit, delete the post and your metrics should return to normal.

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