January 31, 2024

How Long Does a Search Suggestion Ban Last on Twitter?

How Long Does a Search Suggestion Ban Last on twitter

It can feel like you’ve gone invisible overnight when you find your tweets aren’t appearing in any Twitter searches. This is called a “search suggestion ban” and it’s one of the softest forms of Twitter’s “shadow banning” system. Twitter doesn’t notify users of this restriction, and it can take 48 to 72 hours before a search suggestion ban lifts. Some accounts have been found to be search suggest banned for weeks at a time, which can be very damaging for those trying to get their message out.

Why You Might Be Shadowbanned

Generally, a search suggest ban is triggered by some sort of violation of Twitter’s community guidelines or user policies. These violations can be detected by algorithms or AI, or they could be triggered by reports from other users. In most cases, a search suggest ban is a result of some sort of rule-breaking, so it’s important to review your account regularly and ensure you’re following Twitter’s guidelines.

The best way to fix a search suggest ban is to simply stop posting links, spam content, NSFW pictures, and more. If you do this, your restrictions should disappear in a matter of days tops. If you’re still unable to see your content, it might be a good idea to speak with Twitter’s support team so they can assist you. In the past, they’ve been very helpful in lifting search suggestions bans that are unjustified.

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