February 23, 2024

How Long Do Snapchat Bans Last?

Snapchat has grown from its beginnings as a limited-time photo and video sharing application to a platform that allows you to communicate with friends through chats, live stories, Snap Map, and more. With such a vast expansion, the app has become more popular than ever. Unfortunately, that popularity has also led to more people using the app inappropriately. As a result, it's easy to find yourself temporarily banned from the platform.

The length of a Snapchat device ban varies depending on how serious the violation was and the discretion of the company's moderation team. Temporary bans typically last for a few hours or days, while more severe violations can lead to bans lasting up to six months. If your ban is permanent, you won't be able to create a new account until you get a new phone or contact Snapchat support for help.

To avoid a Snapchat device ban, adhere to the app's terms of service and community guidelines. Make sure your device has the latest version of the software and don't use any third-party apps or extensions that aren't approved by Snapchat. Also, never reinstall the Snapchat app on the same device that has been banned; doing so will only cause the ban to extend. Likewise, logging out of the app won't lift a device ban; it's network-based and based on the IMEI number of your phone. Additionally, attempting to bypass a Snapchat device ban by using a VPN doesn't work and risks another ban.

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