January 30, 2024

How It Works Website Examples

While most industries have a set standard for how websites in their niche should look and feel, there's still plenty of room for creative experimentation. These how it works website examples showcase some of our favorite ideas, from subtle design cues to bold visuals and conversion-focused copy.

Beast Code: This small-to-medium technology business nails the “we're badass” vibe right from the homepage with a spaceship-style image and warfighter tagline. The top nanobar is another great touch that helps separate each page and makes this site feel uniquely personal.

Chinelle: This is a resume-style portfolio by a web developer named Brittany Chiang. She uses a grid gallery layout to display her work and incorporates emojis in the navigation menu, which feels fresh and fun.

Operation Underground Railroad: This nonprofit's website has a powerful video background that takes you through a range of emotions, from innocence to inspiration to indignation. Its loud and clear message is clear, too: "We'll go to any lengths for our freedom."

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