February 23, 2024

How is Writing a Blog Different From Academic Writing?

The trend of replacing term papers with blogging has some academics up in arms. While there are some similarities, the writing styles are vastly different. A blog is generally shorter and more personal, while a term paper is more focused on research and proving a point. Blogs can also incorporate a first-person perspective and include informal language, while term papers follow a more formal structure with the use of italics, bold text, and headings.


Writing a blog is often easier and more fun than writing an academic paper. Bloggers are encouraged to be creative and write about topics that interest them. They can even turn their blogs into a full-time business as Pat Flynn did with his Green Exam Academy.

However, it's important that bloggers focus on writing quality and stick to the topic they're writing about. Nothing turns a reader off to a blog more than a writer who doesn't seem enthusiastic about the topic. It's also a good idea to read blog posts out loud to catch wordy bottlenecks and awkward sentences.


The difference between articles and blogs is that blogs are usually geared toward a general audience or professionals looking for quick insights into a topic, while articles are extensively researched and often feature in technical/academic journals and periodicals. They may use external opinions and quotes to support their arguments and cite their sources using a referencing system. However, it's possible to write an article that combines elements of a blog and an academic paper.

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