February 23, 2024

How Headlines Change the Way We Think

The headline, as the name suggests, is a crucial framing device. It shapes the rest of our reading experience, often telling its own micro story separate from that of the news it accompanies. But it can also mislead.

A great headline draws the reader in, enticing them to click through for more information. This can be achieved through tried-and-true techniques like using provocative language or posing questions. It can even be a good idea to add some emotion into your headlines, but only if it is appropriate for your content. For example, using words such as 'essential' or'must-have' can entice readers to learn more, but if used in the wrong context can create an overwhelming sense of pressure.

Nevertheless, it is hard to escape the reality that our perceptions are constantly being influenced by headlines. While newer media amplify visibility and pluralize access, the old ways of framing events and directing attention remain.

So how can we make sure that the stories we read align with our beliefs? The first step is learning how to write a better headline. By using a few simple tricks you can create headlines that will resonate with your audience and capture their interest.

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