February 24, 2024

How Does Google Ads Generate Responsive Search Ads?

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A responsive search ad (RSA) is a Google search network ad that uses machine learning to determine the best combination of ad copy to show to each user. RSAs combine headlines and description lines into multiple combinations to craft the most relevant message for each user, based on their search query and the words they use.

When you create a responsive search ad, you provide up to 15 headlines and two description lines—far more than the number of ads that can be shown for a specific keyword. The ad will then choose which headlines and descriptions to show in any order, creating dozens of different combinations of text. You can also pin a headline or description to make sure it always shows in a particular position—though note that headlines 3 and 4 won’t necessarily show, so pinned messages in those positions won’t appear every time.

To increase the likelihood that your pinned text will show, try pinning the most compelling, unique headline or description you have. You can also use the Ads Grader tool to review the current performance of your ads and identify strong headlines, descriptions, value props, offers, calls to action, and more to use as seeds for ad text in an RSA. The tool will evaluate each ad to determine its strength, which can range from Poor to Excellent. As your ad performs, the Ads Grader tool will adjust your ad to improve performance.

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