January 31, 2024

How Does a Virtual Job Fair Work?

A virtual job fair is an online event where employers meet with potential candidates who can log in from anywhere they have a WiFi connection, including their home or office. The purpose of a virtual job fair is the same as an in-person one: to find talented candidates for open roles. Typically, it’s hosted by an organization or platform that hosts online events and helps employers manage the process.

Most virtual job fairs offer virtual booths, where attendees can drop their resumes or speak to representatives about their skills and interests. Then, they can attend sessions with multiple employers and recruiters to learn more about each company. The conversations can take place in chat rooms, email-style messaging, or video interviews, depending on the employer’s preferences and the platform.

In addition to ensuring their laptop or other device is video-ready, attendees should dress professionally and practice discussing their experience with a friend or colleague beforehand. They should also research the companies that are attending the virtual job fair and any specific positions they’re interested in so they have intelligent questions for each employer.

It’s important to remember that you’re communicating with a representative via video, so keep your body language in check. Sitting up straight, maintaining eye contact, and smiling when appropriate can help you come across as engaged and confident. Avoid negative facial expressions like furrowing your brow or grimacing.

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