February 22, 2024

How Do You Unfollow Someone on Twitter?

Twitter is a place where you can follow people and their tweets appear in your timeline. If there is a person who follows you but no longer posts content that interests you, you may want to unfollow them. It is perfectly acceptable to stop following accounts that follow you, and you can do so without the other user ever knowing.

When you click on the three dots in the corner of a Twitter account, you can see a drop-down menu with the option to unfollow. Click that, and you will be removed from the account's feed. If you are using an app to manage your Twitter account, you can also click the profile icon with a down arrow in the top right of the screen to find the same options.

Another way to stop seeing someone's tweets is by using a third-party tool that can block users or unfollow them in bulk. One popular tool is Audiense Connect, which uses analytics to identify patterns in followers' behavior and allows you to filter users based on specific qualities or behaviors. It can save you a lot of time and is easy to use.

In the Twitter mobile app, you can go to your community wall and filter by topics. From there, you can click the 'x' beside the topics you do not want to follow. This will remove the topics from your home timeline and you can select other ones that you do want to follow. This is the best way to keep your Twitter timeline clean and focused on what you really care about.

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