February 23, 2024

How Do You Trim a Video on TikTok?

When you make a video on TikTok, you can use the app’s in-app tools to edit your content to ensure it stays within the 60-second limit and captures the best moments that keep users engaged. However, there are some videos that are too long or have unnecessary material. In this article, we’ll show you three ways to trim a video on TikTok to make it share-worthy.

The simplest way to trim a video on TikTok is to use the built-in app. To do this, open the TikTok app and tap the red record button at the bottom of the screen. Once you’ve recorded your video, tap Next at the top of the screen. On the next page, you’ll see an option called Adjust clips that lets you trim a video.

This feature allows you to trim a video on Tiktok by moving the slider handles at the ends of the video. You can also select a soundtrack, add text, filters, or music to your clip at this point. Once you’re happy with your clip, tap Save in the upper right-hand corner to finish editing and post your video.

Another option to trim a video on Tiktok is to use an online video editor. One such editor is Kapwing, which is free to use and offers many useful features. You can use it to trim a video on Tiktok and even split a video into two parts. You can also use it to add audio, stickers, and more.

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