February 22, 2024

How Do You Get on a Podcast?

Podcast guests are usually people that have a lot of knowledge about a particular topic and can speak about it in a way that will entertain or educate the listeners. These people can be celebrities, athletes, actors, authors, journalists, and politicians. They are popular in their field and are sought after for interviews. Getting them on your podcast is easy if you know the right places to look.

A great place to start is looking at their website and seeing if they have a guest submission page or email address. If they don’t, you can try searching Google for their name and finding a contact form on their social media account.

Once you have the host’s name and contact information, you can reach out to them with a pitch about being a guest on their show. Make sure that your pitch is clear and concise and explains what value you will bring to their audience. It also helps to include any relevant information about you, like previous podcast appearances or any other media coverage.

It is important to be aware that not all hosts will accept your request. They may already have a list of guest for the next episode or they might be looking for a different type of guest. Try to stay patient and keep reaching out to new podcasts until you find one that is a good fit. Also, make sure that you have a solid recording of yourself speaking so that the podcast can review your audio quality before they decide to invite you on the show.

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