February 23, 2024

How Do I Stop Spam Accounts From Following Me on Instagram?

A lot of Instagram users find themselves in the situation where they need to clean their account from fake followers and spam accounts. They may do this manually or with the help of special services and tools.

However, if you decide to remove these accounts manually, it’s crucial to take your time and be careful not to mistakenly delete a real follower. Make sure to go through your list of followers in batches and always check for a profile handle that doesn’t match.

Instagram spam bots follow users to generate fake engagement and can lead to a number of issues, including:

Spam following accounts distort Instagram insights and make it difficult for you to assess the health of your audience. They also create a risk of account hijacking and can spread malicious links that could result in identity theft or phishing attacks.

If you’re a brand, this could have serious implications on your marketing efforts and impact the effectiveness of your paid social ads. To help prevent this, you can turn off Instagram’s similar account suggestions by going to your settings and unchecking the related box. You can also report spam accounts to Instagram so they are blocked from trying to follow you again. This can significantly decrease your spam follower count and help keep your account safe.

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