February 23, 2024

How Do I See My Stories on Facebook?

Facebook has come up with a feature called Story that lets its users share snippets of their lives in form of photographs and videos. But it has a limitation that each and every story is visible for 24 hours only after which it disappears for the audience. This can be really annoying for the people who are interested in watching a particular story for more than 24 hours.

So if you are looking for an answer to the question how do I see my stories on facebook, then the simple answer is that you need to log in to your Facebook account on desktop and proceed from there to your profile page. From there you need to click on the three dots that are placed next to your profile picture and then select ‘Story Archives’ option. This will show you all the old stories that you have posted in the past.

You can also visit a particular story and then tap on the bottom left corner of the screen to view how many times you have watched it. But remember that the person who has shared the story will never be able to know how many times you have viewed it.

If you want to save a particular story that you have watched on your device then you can download it as a highlight post by visiting the ‘Story Highlights’ option. But this is only possible if your friend has uploaded their old stories on highlights.

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