January 30, 2024

How Do I Merge Two Facebook Accounts?

Having multiple Facebook business accounts can cause confusion for your customers and lead to a loss of potential new followers. Facebook makes it clear that having more than one account violates its community standards and can lead to limitations in accessing the accounts or even termination for violators. Merging business pages is an option that can help you avoid these issues and provide a seamless customer experience while also eliminating duplicate content.

Merging Pages is only possible if you are the administrator for both Pages and they meet certain criteria. Generally, the Pages must have similar names and represent the same business or organization. You must also be able to identify and make sure both Pages are linked to the same Facebook Business Manager or Business Suite account. You must also be able to provide proof of ownership for both Page names to request a merge.

Before merging pages, make sure to review and compare the profile pictures, header images, and other information on each page. It's important that all of this information is consistent so that Facebook will approve the merge. Also, make sure you note the number of likes and check-ins on each Page before submitting a merge request. These numbers will be combined, but you may lose likes from people who have 'liked' both Pages before the merge.

You cannot merge two Pages that are connected to Personal Profiles. This is because Facebook does not allow the merging of a Page and a Personal Profile, as Personal Profiles are intended for individuals while Pages are for businesses, brands, public figures, or organizations.

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