January 30, 2024

How Do I Link Two Facebook Accounts Together?

Merging Facebook accounts is a popular request from business owners and individuals looking to streamline their digital life. However, it is important to note that only one account can be used per person. Having multiple accounts can result in Facebook limiting access or closing your account for violating community standards. Therefore, merging accounts is an essential step for anyone who wants to keep their personal and business information under the same umbrella.

The Facebook page merging feature is currently only available to business owners in some regions, including North America. The feature allows you to merge two Pages with similar names that represent the same motive, activity or business.

Before attempting the process, be sure to check that both Pages have the same name and are in the same region (if they aren’t). Additionally, make sure you have admin rights on both Pages you want to merge. If you don’t have the admin role on both Pages, you will be unable to complete the process.

If you have followers and check-ins on both Pages, be aware that they will be combined during the merge process. This means that the number of likes on the Page you keep may increase. Also, if you have linked your Facebook page to your website and email signature, you will need to update those links after the merge is completed.

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