January 30, 2024

How Do I Link Two Facebook Accounts Together?

If you have two Facebook accounts, you may want to combine them for reasons such as brand coherence or easier management. You may also want to do so to get the benefits of page likes and post engagement. However, merging Facebook accounts is not possible for personal profiles because it violates Facebook’s community standards. Facebook may limit your access to multiple accounts or close them if they notice you have more than one.

If your Facebook accounts are business pages, you can merge them. To do this, log into the account that you want to keep and click the upside-down triangle icon at the top right. Select “Manage Accounts” and then “Merge Pages.” You must be an administrator of both pages to make this request. The pages must have similar names and represent the same topic or business. In addition, the pages must be in the same location if they are associated with a physical address. The page must be in good standing, and there cannot be any active paid campaigns.

If you have two Facebook accounts, you can easily switch between them on the mobile app by logging out of your current account and then tapping the menu button (iPhone or iPad) or the three-dots icon on the top right (Android). From there, you can choose to log in with another account. You can also use a private browser or incognito mode on your phone or tablet to access a second account without logging out of the first.

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