January 30, 2024

How Do I Know If I Am Shadowbanned on Twitter?

If you’re experiencing a sudden and drastic drop in engagement on your tweets, but you didn’t change anything about the content or strategy, there’s a chance that you might be shadowbanned. Twitter doesn’t publicly acknowledge the existence of shadowbans, but they do restrict the visibility of users by decreasing the number of people who see their posts. This is known as “visibility filtering” or VF.

To check if you are shadowbanned on twitter, use the tools that are available online. Many of these services allow you to search for keywords or hashtags that are being used by your account. You can also use them to test the visibility of your tweets in other people’s feeds.

Another way to check if you’re shadowbanned on twitter is to look at the date when your engagement began to decline. You can do this using Twitter Analytics, which provides a 28-day summary of metrics on your profile. Find the first post with a significant drop in engagement and compare it to other posts from that period of time. Does it seem that your posts were being hidden more and more over time?

Other factors that could lead to a shadowban include spamming, impersonation and excessive promotion. You can avoid these problems by following the platform’s rules and policies. It’s also a good idea to not connect your Twitter account to any third-party apps that retweet content from your timeline automatically, as these can cause you to get flagged as a bot.

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