February 22, 2024

How Do I Get on a Podcast?

Getting on a podcast is a great way to grow your audience and showcase your expertise. When approaching podcast hosts, make sure your social media accounts are active and you have a blog or article that highlights your qualifications. Also, be prepared to answer a few questions about yourself and your topic before you land an appearance.

When you approach a podcast host, start by saying something that will catch their attention. For example, you could say that you're a fan of their show and have listened to all the episodes. You could even mention a specific episode that really stood out to you. This shows that you're genuine and not just a generic listener.

Then, explain what value you will bring to their audience. This will help them see that you're a good fit for their podcast. Also, if you've appeared on other podcasts or have some other media appearances, be sure to list them.

It's important to keep an eye and ear out for potential podcast guests all the time, whether you're watching TV, scrolling social media, or talking to friends. When you hear someone who sounds interesting, do some research to find out what they do or their background. Once you've found out more about them, reach out and ask if they'd be interested in being a guest on your podcast. You might be surprised at how many people will say yes! You can also look at the websites of other podcasts in your niche and see if they've had any previous guests.

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