February 23, 2024

How Can You See Who Viewed Your Story on Facebook?

Facebook offers various features to connect with people, share photos and videos, and manage privacy settings. One of these is Stories, a feature similar to those on Snapchat and Instagram that lets you share collections of images or videos for short bursts of time. Many people use Stories to communicate their daily activities, thoughts, and feelings with friends. Others use them to promote their businesses or events. Regardless of the purpose, most users wonder how can you see who viewed your story on facebook.

While you can’t directly see who watched your Stories, Facebook does track the number of views and other activity on your profile. You can see the viewer count for your News Feed posts, stories, and Live videos. You can also see who viewed your tagged videos in News Feed and on the mobile website, but not on desktop. You can customize your Story privacy options from an active story or in the app settings menu.

There are a few tricks to view someone’s Facebook stories without them knowing. One is to use your phone’s Airplane mode while viewing a story. This prevents Facebook from registering your name in the viewer list. Another trick is to put your finger on a story right before it’s about to end and quickly swipe left or right. This way, the story won’t end and Facebook won’t register you as a viewer.

You can check who viewed your stories on the mobile app or the website by selecting a current story and tapping Viewers at the bottom of the screen. This information is also saved in your Story Archive if you haven’t deleted or shared the story as Reel.

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