February 23, 2024

How Can You Create Portable Reports?

How can you create portable reports?

When you create a report in the Power BI service, you can choose to design the mobile layout for each page of the report. If you do this, when you view the report on a mobile device, you will see the mobile layout, and when you view the report on a desktop computer, you will see the default desktop view of the report.

The Power BI team has released a new Create experience that provides more options for report creators to create mobile-optimized reports. This new Create experience allows you to select a mobile layout for each page of your report, and it also includes a formatting pane (preview) that enables you to precisely format visuals and slicers.

As you use the Create experience, Power BI creates a new semantic model and autogenerates visuals to help you get from raw data to insights. If you want to change the data that is shown in the autogenerated visuals, just select and deselect fields in the Your data pane, and Power BI updates what you see.

You can use the Tags pane to mark files and results with tags that are specific to your needs. Then, when you want to share these findings with other examiners, you can copy and paste the XML output of the Power BI report into a text editor. This creates a readable XML file that contains a detailed list of all the tagged items in the case. This file can then be saved to a location outside of the Autopsy database, such as an email attachment or Dropbox folder.

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