January 30, 2024

How Can I Tell If Im Being Shadowbanned on TikTok?

TikTok is a popular social media platform that allows users to create and share amusing, short-form content with their followers. The app is also known for its features like duet that allow users to perform videos together and nurture engagement in the community. However, the platform can be a bit unpredictable and even if you’re not producing content that violates its terms of service you may still get shadow banned for various reasons. Luckily, there are some ways to know if you’re being shadowbanned on tiktok.

One of the most obvious signs that you’re being shadowbanned on TikTok is when you see a drastic drop in your organic reach. You can check for this by looking at the view count on your “For You” page. If you find that the number has dramatically dropped, it could be because you’re being blocked from seeing your own content on the app.

Another way to determine if you’re being shadowbanned is by checking your profile settings. Specifically, you want to make sure that your account name and description don’t contain any offensive words or phrases. You’ll also want to ensure that your privacy settings are set appropriately.

In addition, it’s important to respond to any notifications or warnings that you receive from TikTok promptly. Ignoring them can escalate your situation and ultimately lead to a more severe punishment such as being permanently suspended from the app. Additionally, if you can prove that you didn’t intentionally post offensive material you may be able to get your ban lifted.

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