January 30, 2024

How Are These Ads Similar?

You’re probably used to seeing 30-second commercials with jingles, cheerful actors, and cheesy dialogue. But you might not know that those commercials are also aimed at you—and the people sitting next to you—on a millisecond-by-millisecond basis. That’s because they use reams of your personal data to find you, on the platforms and channels where you spend time.

These types of ads, called native advertising, have become more popular than ever. They’re the ones you see on your favorite websites and apps. And they can be a powerful way to engage and drive conversions.

This video ad by Allbirds uses simplicity and whitespace to its advantage. It’s just nine seconds long, but it gets the message across with style and impact. This is an example of a non-skippable video ad, which are those that can’t be skipped by Google users.

Similar audiences are a powerful performance driver for new customers in your Google Ads campaigns. When you combine them with display ad campaigns, advertisers achieve 41% more new customer conversions according to Google.

This ad shows up before TikTok videos and doesn’t have a skip button. That makes it a great option for brands that want to reach viewers when they’re most interested in your product—like, right before they watch a movie or game.

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