January 31, 2024

How Are QR Codes Unique?

A QR code is a black square pattern of dots arranged in a grid that computer cameras can scan and read. It’s like a line of text, but it contains much more information, because computers can process it using Reed-Solomon error correction, which is already built into most smartphone cameras.

A standard QR code can encode up to 15,000 bits. That’s enough to store a couple hundred words, depending on the font and character set you choose. It can also hold a URL and other information, such as location, phone number, and email address.

Most people use QR codes to share web links — they can open in your browser and take you to the page you want, without typing it or copying and pasting. They can also be used to make payments or download apps. For example, restaurants can post QR codes for ordering food so that customers can simply scan the code and be taken to their menu. Businesses can put them up in the office to let employees easily log into wifi or share logins for different accounts.

QR codes can even be used to create quizzes that collect customer data and help drive business decisions. They can detect a device’s language and redirect the user to a version of the default landing page that matches. They can also show total and unique scans, as well as the device type and operating system. The data collected isn’t visible to the user, but it helps businesses know what types of content are most popular.

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