January 31, 2024

How Are Native Vs Display Ads Different?

The ads you see while surfing the web and on streaming services aren't your average commercials. These 30-second spots find you through a complex, behind-the-scenes system that trades your personal data billions of times a second to land in the most receptive eyes possible. This is what makes digital advertising so effective, and it's also why understanding the differences between native vs. display ads is so important.

Native ads are designed to fit seamlessly into a user's feed, appearing as organic posts from the people and Pages they follow. This is what gives them a higher engagement rate than right column ads, but can also make them more expensive. To create these ads, marketers follow best practices to ensure they're engaging and visually appealing.

This Shutterfly ad takes advantage of the power of storytelling by featuring multiple pictures and products in its image. This helps the ad appeal to different demographics in one image, which can be a powerful strategy for reaching new customers and expanding reach.

A Stories Ad is part of Facebook's recent rollout of its Stories feature, which lets users post short clips and images for their friends to see. These ads can appear in a friend's story and can be played on both mobile and desktop. To take advantage of this format, advertisers should create ads that look like their friends' stories, keeping in mind they can only include a link, location, and phone number in the ad.

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