February 23, 2024

How Am I Subscribed to Someone on Snapchat?

If someone subscribed to you on Snapchat, their stories will appear in your subscriptions view when viewing stories on the Snapchat app. You can also see your subscriptions on the Discover screen within Snapchat. There are several reasons why people might choose to subscribe to others on Snapchat, including enjoying their content and wanting to stay updated on their daily lives. The most common reason, however, is that they enjoy an account's content and want to prioritize its updates in their discovery feed.

If a user has you subscribed to them on Snapchat, it usually means that you either have their profile set to public and they don't have you as a friend or that they sent a friend request to you but didn't add you back. If a friend decides to remove you from their subscription list, you will not be able to see their stories again.

When you're subscribed to a Snapchat account, their stories will appear at the top of your discoveries tab in Snapchat and you can tap on them to watch. You can also enable story notifications for a specific account to get notifications whenever they post new Snaps or Stories.

The person you're subscribed to will not be notified of this and they will have no idea that you unsubscribed from them. If you're subscribed to a creator on Snapchat who has a lot of subscribers, they may check their subscription count from time to time but this is purely for informational purposes and they will not be made aware of your decision.

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