February 22, 2024

Hey Audience Here's What I Really Think

Hey Audience Here's What I Really Think

When you first start to build an audience, you want to experiment with a lot of different things. Figure out what the stuff performs well and double down on that. Then, maybe 20-30% of the time, try new things that you've never tried before. You'll figure out through quantitative and qualitative feedback what the audience likes and doesn't like.

It's important to prep some backup ammo, just in case. You don't always need to use it - but if you do, it will come in handy and help you feel prepared for any situation that may arise during the show.

You should also pay attention to your audience and the reaction that they give you, and try to adjust your set list according to their needs. For example, if you have an audience that is very enthusiastic and responsive, you might want to add more high energy songs. If you have an audience that is more laid back, you might want to include some slower songs as well.

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